Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Glass wearer Cecilia Abadie appears in court

A woman issued a traffic ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass is set to appear in a San Diego, California, court.
Cecilia Abadie was pulled over and given a ticket for speeding and wearing the smart spectacles while driving on 30 October.
She pleaded not guilty to breaking a California law barring motorists from watching TV while driving.
The case may influence future laws regarding wearable technology.
"It's a big responsibility for me and also for the judge who is going to interpret a very old law compared with how fast technology is changing," Ms Abadie told the Associated Press news agency.
She was one of an estimated 30,000 people initially selected to try the device before it becomes widely available this year.
Device 'turned off'
In October Ms Abadie was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer for driving 80mph (128km/h) in a 65mph zone on Interstate 15 in San Diego.
The officer observed Ms Abadie wearing Google Glass and cited her for using a visible "monitor", a charge typically issued to people driving while watching a television screen.
The device includes eyeglass frames equipped with a camera and small display controlled by voice command.
Ms Abadie has argued the device was not turned on when she was pulled over.